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Bercov, Ronald David The double transitivity of a class of permutation groups. The synthesis of conformationally stable carbohydrates. help me writing a thesis statement for free expository essay Rispin, Peter Paul Augustine A singular perturbation method for non-linear water waves past an obstacle.

The biogenesis of phenazine pigments. Photochemistry of N-methylpyridone and N-methyllutidone. brooklyn college student film festival Chang, David Bing Jue Synchotron radiation as the source of the polarized decimeter radiation from Jupiter. Schmidt, Donald Emil Part I.

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Petrogenesis, based on electron microprobe analyses of the feldspars. Rispin, Peter Paul Augustine A singular perturbation method for non-linear water waves past an obstacle. Caltech phd dissertations Surface deformations in a draining cylindrical tank. Shreffler, Donald Cecil I. Guthrie, George Drake Studies on the interaction of subviral particles of the bacteriophage [phi]X with protoplasts of Escherichia coli.

Curtis Beta spectra of the mass 12 nuclei. Garwood, Donald Charles I. Caltech phd dissertations Yura, Harold Thomas The quantum electrodynamics of a medium. Miller, Charles Robert On the orientation of dust grains in interstellar space.

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Chapline, George Frederick Bootstrap theory and certain properties of the hadron axial vector current. Lewis, John Eldon Experimental investigation of supersonic laminar, two-dimensional boundary layer separation in a compression corner with and without cooling. help on essay jawaharlal nehru in english Venezian, Emilio Cesare Part I. More information and software credits. Rogstad, David Herbert Rotation and masses of galaxies as determined by single spacing interferometry of 21 CM hydrogen emission.

Simple Search Advanced Search. Fluorine spin-rotation interaction and magnetic shielding in fluorobenzene. how to write an introduction phd thesis Nuclear magnetic resonance in cyclopropanes. The synthesis of conformationally stable carbohydrates.

A Caltech Library Service. Cheng, Hung Spin absorption of solids. thesis topics in distance education The infrared spectra and probable structures of some nitrogen-sulphur compounds.

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Kinetic theory description of conductive heat transfer from a fine wire. Susman, Millard The size of the mating group in bacteriophage T4. Caltech phd dissertations The attenuation and dispersion of sound in a condensing medium. Messick, Roger Edwin Applications of an edge- and-corner layer technique to elastic plates and shells.

Dormancy associated with repression of genetic activity. Venezian, Emilio Cesare Part I. Caltech phd dissertations Tammaru, Ivo An investigation of spontaneous breakdown of SU 3 symmetry in the system of pseudoscalar meson and baryon octets. Zien, Tse-Fou A class of three dimensional optimum wings in hypersonic flow. Wulff, Daniel Lewis On nucleic acid photochemistry.

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