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This is because they are intentionally failed by the guys at FPSC in order to keep a low number of qualified candidates. It was never meant to select the creative and inspiring. essays on the help app Rather, they are required to demonstrate knowledge of the acceptable answers and reproduce them without error in the required format.

Sunday, December 20, Close to another year of preparation in a coaching centre is needed where students are drilled in what is considered acceptable in answers to typical questions, what authorities are to be cited prominently or avoided at all costs, and even what part of the text is to be highlighted. That is the assessment system in Pakistan.

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Does foreign aid help to achieve economic stability. Why don't you first write against the system, chairman and members of board who are less qualified. Cheap essay paper css 2016 css forum This article is equally relevant for PPSC as well.

I stayed at the hostel of a famous university of Punjab while I sat the css exam. I did appear in CE and aspiring for css You had plenty of options to go for like good governance, women, gender equality and globalization The examiners and paper setters are responsible for the low percentage of pass candidates in this esteemed examination. Cheap essay paper css 2016 css forum The system is based on the selection of persons who can Re-Produce the best but lack the intellect to create something.

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Originally Posted by aneelbachwani. World as a global village: I personally got a first class engineering degree from a university that is among top in the world and spent many years there, even English people used to praise my English and analytical thinking. my custom essay in english for 10th class And the irony is that i am already CSS qualified and selected by the same organization and 6 years into civil service.

I myself am a victim of the recent examination where the examiner failed me from just 1 mark in a subject whereas my overall score was quite good. Recently I take mock exams in a css academy and my views on "Not-traditional threat of water from India" My whole answer was rejected by the academy examiner saying that it does not fit our state narrative. i cant write my essay yahoo answers Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Wednesday, February 02, At the moment, CSS is one of the very few forum for means for merit-based selection, and FPSC needs to be complimented for this achievement.

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I also appeared in CSS and just miss it by 3 marks. Do you really think that those copies are worth equivalent to the standard of the countries you took the name of. Cheap essay paper css 2016 css forum You can check the level of intellect of most the newly recruited and mid level bureaucrats for confrimation.

Liberty archive law approaching diversity question student doctor network my on will philosophy forums. It is dangerous to start off forcing applicants to dissemble to enter the service and necessary to ensure that their selection screens for the skills and talents need to be effective. Cheap essay paper css 2016 css forum We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback.

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